Session Recording Agreement

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Session Recording

Your therapist requests to audio or video record your sessions. Our experience shows that the therapist’s ability to review a session can contribute significantly to the quality of the work and the success of the therapy process.

The tapes are for the exclusive use of your therapist. The only exception is that your therapist might use a portion of the recording while in a small group of other therapists in order to get advice on how to improve their sessions with you. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing with clinicians other than your therapist, please let your therapist know.

The tapes will be stored in a secure location and will not be uploaded to a cloud. The recordings will be deleted as soon as they are not needed for review.

You can request that the tape recorder or video recorder be turned off at any time and that the tape or any portion thereof be erased. You can also terminate this permission to tape at any time.

Session Recording Acknowledgement

We consent to video/audio tapes being made of these sessions and to these tapes being used to aid the work.

Agreement for Recording

By writing my name below I acknoledge that I have reviewed and fully understands the terms and conditions of this agreement.